Sunday, May 31, 2009 is UP AND RUNNING check it out!

Wow!  Did I ever think I would have a website of my very own...certainly not...what an exciting thing.  

The super talented and ever wonderful Adam George of Ample ( created the design and flow of the noretakes site.  Basically all written blogs, video blogs, and photos can be found in one place.  ALONG with links to all of Katie's music.  Thank you Adam for making a beautiful site I'm happy to call my own.

Kiersten Turos ( has created nearly every single Katie Reider website worked so hard to get this thing off the ground...Kiersten you have ALWAYS risen ABOVE for Katie and now me...there are no words...there is no amount of compensation..for all your efforst over the years... The amount of adoration I have for you and all the hard work you've put in for my family over the are truly one of the most CARING, SELFLESS, LOVING people I have ever had the great pleasure of knowing.  I feel so very blessed to have you as a friend...I just can't even tell you. 

Robert Parish...the man who makes the videos...who sees the story from the countless hours of video I send to him and works his magic.  Robert if it were not for you and your encouragement there would be no videos...and these have come to mean so much to so healing for I thank you in ways I could have never anticipated for walking with me on this journey in such a fun and meaningful way.

And to Lauren Fernandes who has supported my family and listened to me...stretched me and encouraged me in so many've worked tirelessly for Katie and her story and you have not received nearly the credit you so deserve.

This is really such an amazing outlet for me to explore and can not...NOT choose the circumstances which will befall you in life..however you can choose how you will respond in any and every situation...Life affords us NO we have to live for each moment..making it the very best and very most it was destined to be.  We just have no idea...when our time or moment will end...for Katie and my family it was seemingly overnight that things went from blissfully perfect to our darkest hour.  Never ever did I think this disease would conquer Katie...take her from me....I was her greatest believer, cheering her on through every unbelievable horror.  The entire battle with this disease was the hardest thing I have ever endured...when she died it was so unexpected so unbelievable...I walked in a fog and daze for many months after...however what I knew once I emerged is that I was left here for a reason.  Blessed with a love and a life and now 2 more lives entrusted to me...I choose hope, I choose rich experiences, I choose the pursuit of happiness, I choose taking risks and trusting God.  I choose growth over despair because I know far too well how precious life is.  I choose to be open to any and everything life has to be real, transparent, and vulnerable in all of my interactions...never shying away from telling my story to whoever will listen.  It is my hope that having encountered this story in whatever capacity you know will think differently about your own life and how you can live it better...if even for 5 minutes.  OR that you will give thanks and appreciate and love what you have you have in your life and appreciate it in a deeper way...because it is not the things we own, job we have, car we drive that we will take with us when it is all said and is the people we loved, the memories we shared and the experiences we created for create your best you never imagined or dream of...and share it with me because I love your stories...they are fuel to my soul.  Press on...again knowing this is our only and best life...and we will be afforded NO RETAKES!!

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